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Somehow, somewhere, there is a ride-or-die fan who would happily take out a loan for a membership at a Friends-themed cafe. If you haven't yet heard the news, a replica of Central Perk is opening up in Singapore, and they really want your money. Central Perk SG is coming soon, and $1,000 memberships are now available at their Central Mall location. What do you get for said fat stack of paper? You'll experience a ton of other Friends-themed tributes, in addition to Perk. Expect to see an extended studio set with alfresco seats that look like the outside of the shop and the streets of NYC. Get excited for walls dedicated to different characters, familiar furniture, merch and more, for a grand total of 3,300 square feet of Friends fandom. If that sounds like something you just can't wait for, you can purchase a membership (which comes with additional benefits). 

You'll be wowed by mildly underwhelming perks like "priority queue" which means you can bring up to 5 guests with you, and even table reservations. Wow. Table reservations? So innovative. You'll also be able to book events at the space, like wedding shoots or birthdays, and you'll get invitations to special events and tastings, too. While that sounds like a great time, most would agree it's worth nowhere near what CPSG is asking. Members will be expected to dish out $1000 for a one-year membership if you want to enjoy all of the above.

As you can probably guess, nobody on the internet has time for that. Not to mention, there are already a bunch of other Friends cafes around the globe, if you don't want to sell an organ to go to this one.

"I'd rather pay someone 20 bucks to Photoshop myself in Central Park lmao," one person commented. "$1,000 can pay for me to go to Vietnam, stay in a lovely hotel for a week and drink the marvelous coffee there in one of the many quaint cafes there," wrote another. The most savage response to the $1,000 membership fee? "When are u closing down?"

No one told you life was gonna be this way, did they, Central Perk SG?

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