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When you're in Hollywood, the sky's the limit—even when it comes to picking a pet. 

Whether by chance or as a part of research, Tinseltown's most popular figures have owned animals rarely found in the average household. 

From Miley Cyrus' pig named Pig to Mike Tyson's set of rare Bengal tigers, there seems to be no boundaries to the kind of animals celebrities call family—even if they are a little afraid of them, too. 

"The other day, she started to to attack me," Cyrus told Jimmy Kimmel of an encounter with her pet.

"Then I realized I was holding a peach and as soon I dropped the peach out of fear, she was fine. She just wanted my peach, so as long as you feed her, you can play with her all day long, but when the food runs out, you become the food."

To meet more of the unusual four-legged friends of the industry's biggest stars, visit E!'s gallery here

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