Shiny Legs, Twitter

Twitter: @kingkayden

Another day, another internet puzzle. Twitter sure loves their viral mysteries, and this is no different. Forget "The Dress" or even "My Bag," this dilemma is over a photo of some shiny legs. Wait. Are they actually shiny? Or is that just white paint? If your mind is totally blown and you don't know what's real anymore, you're not alone. The rest of the internet is just as clueless and taking guesses as to which it might be. Many people have noticed that at first glance, the legs appear to be covered in oil. Once they see the pic up close or find out that it could be white paint, the illusion of shiny legs becomes impossible to see again. The tweet was posted by @kingkayden and has since received over 9,000 likes and almost 8,000 Retweets. "This has me like 72927363728 times shook," one person replied. Yes. Same. Agreed. 

There have been a ton of interesting theories as well like, "maybe they're shiny with white paint," or "I have a dirty mind I'm not even gonna say more." Alright, then! People seem to be split as to whether or not this is a pair of oiled up legs or someone who just got bored and decided to turn themselves into art. It has to be paint, right? After all, they are sitting in what looks to be a pile of paint pens and art supplies, right? 

Or are we all refusing to believe that somebody just really wants to stay moisturized? Whatever is happening, we may never know the real answer. Some are even proposing that it's neither paint nor oil, but rather it's plastic wrap. LIKE, WHAT? We were already so confused, to begin with, and now this extra theory has been added to the mix. Will we ever sleep again? One person even proposed that "It's actually 2 carrots with socks on." Good try, though. 

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