Ashley Greenetakes her health seriously—but she was happy to get silly before a sweat session when we asked her to take the E!Q in 42.

Chatting with E! News' Sibley Scoles during before a workout at Rise Nation in West Hollywood, the Rogue star filled us in on more of her must-haves, habits and preferences when it comes to sleeping, working up a sweat, skincare and more.

Not Joe Jonas-caliber more, but some good details all the same.

Having already appeared in the films Urge and In Dubious Battle this year, Greene also starred as the possibly shady but seemingly good Mia on Audience Network's law-enforcement action-drama Rogue, which has been renewed for a fourth season.

"The show is basically...authority verses criminal activity—whether or not you would "go rogue" depending on your situation," Greene described the show on Good Morning America when she joined the show this past spring. 

"I come in as Mia," the Twilight actress added. "She comes off as this victim but she might not be as innocent, as vulnerable as she says."

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