Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom has a lot of qualities that will make you swoon, but watching him rescue animals will probably be at the top of your list.

The hunky Hollywood actor, who is currently filming Smart Chase: Fire & Earth in Shanghai, came across an injured stray dog in the streets of China and decided to help bring her back to safety.

Bloom, who recorded the entire journey on his Instagram story, first shared a photo of the dog sniffing at an awful wound near its hind legs. "This lil girl," he wrote with a broken heart. He then took her to the vet, where he helped shave her and bathe her, while reassuring the sweet pup that she's being a "good girl" in his dreamy British accent.

Once the dog was clean and tended to, she was given a cone to keep her from licking the wound, and photographed taking some much needed "R&R."

It's unclear if the dog will join Bloom's furry best friend, 13-year-old Sidi, as part of the family.

Katy Perry recently went to Shanghai to visit her famous beau, and also spent some time with his son Flynn Christopher Bloom for one Disney adventure.

The adorable couple was seen spending time at new park Disneyland Shanghai, where they took the actor's son on various rides and met with all the characters. Perry shared several pictures and videos on her Instagram and Snapchat, giving fans a close look at what she's up to (as well as a sneak peek of the new amusement park!).

Eventually everyone made their way to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which is obviously the best part of their Disney date, considering the movie's star is part of the fun. The entire experience looks like one wild ride, and even Perry had to admit it was amazing.

"Lit the best ride I've ever been on & not just because I'm dating a pirate," she captioned a picture.

That's just a bonus.

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