Jealous Baby, Viral Video

Matt Hanneken/Krissy Hanneken

Baby Ella is an official viral superstar these days thanks to a very hilarious video. It turns out, when her parents Matt Hanneken and Krissy Hanneken share a smooch, baby Ella gets very jealous. Of course, it's the most adorable kind of jealous, as you'll see in the clip. The video, which was posted to Facebook, has over 13,000,000 views, 29,000 comments, and 135,487 shares. Mom posted to her Facebook page, "Our 'always happy' baby girl has a weakness. She gets very sad when her Daddy and Mommy kiss. Apologies for the gratuitous P. D. A. but you've got to see this!" Fans of the funny video commented, " She really wants to stay the baby of the family! Way too cute," and, "I think she's trying to tell them that she doesn't want a little brother or sister lol." Whatever the reason, she's definitely not afraid to express herself.

The video was also posted to Dad's YouTube page, where it has over 58,000 views. His caption reads, "She's jealous for sure!" Ella is no joke, you guys. Pretty sure this clip is 100% enough to give even the coldest hearts some baby fever. By the way, does anyone else wish their crying face looked this cute? Not even fair. People are loving Ella's fierce sad face too judging from YouTube comments like "Get a load of that LIP!!!!!" Honestly, so on point. 

She knows how to get what she wants, and she isn't afraid to go after it. The video was such a hit, it created a buzz with people all over the world as well, as many of the comments left are in different languages. "Wow! Thank you for the HUGE response to our video!" Krissy posted to her Facebook. Really, though. Would you expect anything less with a hilarious pout like that? Nope. We can bet we'll all be seeing a lot more of Baby Ella now that she's a certified viral baby. 

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