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Note to parents: some superheroes do not make for good birthday party entertainment.

Jimmy Kimmel needed a magician for a birthday party, so who better than Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange? At least, that's what he thought. Arriving 30 minutes late, the master of the mystic arts was already off to a bad start.

"Sorry I'm late, but the traffic on the astroplane was unbelievable," he explained.

But Kimmel wasn't having it. "It's 3:30. You were supposed to be here at 3 o'clock. I'm not paying for the last half hour," he said.

Cutting to the chase, Dr. Strange requested, "Show me the demons."

And demons they were. Kimmel led the way to a room full of kids high off sugar, which baffled even the highest of mystics. "I don't understand," Dr. Strange said. "Are they possessed?"

"Basically," Kimmel explained. "They ate like 50 cupcakes."

Rather than try to entertain them, Dr. Strange threated to "vanquish them," but Kimmel put a stop to it. Realizing the Marvel superhero has no kid-friendly skills, Kimmel called him out for going by the "mightiest magicians in the cosmos."

"Everyone exaggerates on their LinkedIn profile," admitted Dr. Strange. "Don't they? I mean look at yours: Jimmy Kimmel, America's Favorite Late Night Host."

Kimmel was ready to give Dr. Strange the boot when the superhero realized that for $150 he could conjure up something with which to entertain the birthday party: balloon animals. Unfortunately, he didn't prove too capable at that, either.

"You suck!" a blond boy shouted at the superhero. Sadly, Dr. Strange vanquished him.

"Where's Marcus?" Kimmell asked.

"Oh, he went home," Dr. Strange lied.

Watch the video to find out where poor little Marcus ended up and to see how this disastrous party ended.

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