Cher, James Corden

Terence Patrick/CBS

Unfamiliar with Sonny & Cher's classic song "I Got You Babe"? Don't worry. James Corden and Cher have you covered.

Cher appeared on The Late Late Show Thursday to perform her hit song, but she decided to take in another direction. With help from the British host, Cher and Corden gave "I Got You Babe" and updated twist titled "I Got You Bae." But the iconic songstress was caught off guard when Corden came out dressed exactly like her.

"Well it's a Sonny & Cher song, and I just thought I would be Cher," Corden explained.

"But out of the two of us what makes you possibly think you can be cher?" Cher asked. "I'm literally Cher."

"Exactly. It's a bit obvious, but I've committed to it now," Corden retorted. "You've committed to it, so you want to do this?!"

And they launched into a modern millennial version that spoke of dating apps, birth control and more.

"They say we're young and we don't know how to find love without using your phone," Cher sang.

"Well, I don't know if all that's true 'cause you swiped me and baby, I swiped you," Corden sang back.

The chorus remains mostly the same save for the swap of "babe" for "bae," a favorite term among millennials.

"And when we make it Facebook offish, that means more to me than marriage," Cher continued.

Eventually, the lyrics took a steamy turn when Corden and Cher alternated lines of lyrics. "I got you to sext me late," Cher sang.

"I got you to Netflix and chill," Corden responded.

"I got you covered 'cause I take the pill," Cher ended.

Watch the video to hear Cher's iconic vocals!

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