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Kelly Dodd is speaking out about The Real Housewives of Orange County's final night in Ireland. The episode, which featured Shannon Beador pushing alcohol on Kelly and then later used cell phone footage from Heather Dubrow to show a hallway altercation, shook viewers with many claiming the ladies were gaslighting Kelly.

"I had decided I had better keep my wits around me when dealing with these scheming women. No matter what happens or how hard they try to tempt me, I decided I was not drinking alcohol the rest of the trip," Kelly wrote in her Bravo blog.

She described the final dinner in Ireland as her "funeral," and said Shannon was shaming her the entire night for not drinking with the other ladies. "I got a bad vibe at dinner as I watched Shannon, Heather and Tamra interact. Something about their body language and the sly looks they were exchanging was giving me the willies. I sensed am ambush was coming," she said.

In her blog, Kelly theorized Tamra Judge was embarrassed following their altercation with in the Irish department store when Tamra pushed her and threatened to kill her for talking about her daughter and that the ladies were hoping to get Kelly to act out to make Tamra's behavior "pale in comparison."

Kelly's version of events jibe with what the women said: she and Vicki Gunvalson attempted to get Tamra down to the bar, but Tamra wouldn't open the door for them. So Tamra, Shannon, Heather and Vicki went to the bar and Tamra sent Kelly texts with Vicki saying Vicki told her Kelly was gossiping about her.

"Later when they left the bar and returned upstairs, the ganging up continued. I left my room to deal with their blame game. However, unlike them, I wasn't wasted," Kelly wrote. "When Shannon claims that she wanted Heather to video me because I was on an angry rampage, it's another lie. As you saw, I was despondent and trying to understand what Tamra was accusing me of. At no time did I lose my temper, but I did shed some more tears."

After the hallway interaction, the ladies headed for the shuttle where things continued to devolve.

"That entire evening, whenever I was in Shannon's presence, she was constantly harassing me. Trying to get me drunk and provoke me…When I leaned across the aisle and whispered to Meghan, ‘These women can dish it out but they can't take it,' Shannon butted in and began antagonizing me again," Kelly wrote.

Heather and Tamra jumped in, Kelly started telling Shannon to shave her chin. Heather called Kelly trashy and said she was having a psychotic break and she was worried for Kelly's daughter.

"Finally Heather has the audacity to question my mental health? She calls me insane and says she thinks I am having a psychotic breakdown.  Why, because I defend myself from this group who schemed against me? The last time I checked having a drama degree doesn't qualify you to psychoanalyze anyone. You are a worse shrink than you are an actor," Kelly wrote.

Shannon and Tamra gave their take on the matter earlier this week and Shannon cautioned the worst is yet to come.

"It becomes uglier than you can imagine next week. It is unconscionable," Shannon teased.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays, 9 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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