Chris Wallace

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hey, Chris Wallace. You're the real MVP.

Over the course of this election, we've quickly learned through conventions and debates that one of the hardest jobs someone can take on is moderating a presidential panel.

Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton returned to their podiums tonight in Las Vegas for the final debate of the 2016 election, and the Fox News anchor was given the ultimate task of keeping this thing moving (which, as we all know, is quite the daunting task).

However, we must say, Wallace prevailed. Not only did he take control of the situation when things got out of hand, but he provided the internet with countless moments that will forever be remembered through memes, tweets and GIFs.

You guys, he scolded the audience and refused to be cut-off by the candidates, stating, "I am not a potted plant!" YES, CHRIS WALLACE. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH.

Also, here's what the internet had to say about tonight's ruthless AF moderator:

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