Shia LaBeouf, James Corden, Rachel Bloom, Cobie Smulders, The Late Late Show


If you don't recall the circumstances under which Shia LaBeouf and James Corden met for the first time, here's a reminder: Shia was just getting out of jail after being arrested during a theater showing of Cabaret and had to head straight to a hotel to audition for War Dogs. Waiting in the hotel room was Corden, who was also auditioning for a role in the movie.

Corden previously aired the audition tape first footage of Shia out of jail on an episode of The Late Late Show, but Tuesday night Shia showed up on the late-night show to promote his latest movie American Honey. Obviously, the two ended up bonding over their introduction.

"I was just getting out of jail and you looked like Christmas," Shia, wearing his wedding band, recalled. "You were the first person I saw."

But then the lights went out, and no one, especially Shia, knew what to do.

"Oh no. Oh no. What are you doing, man? It's because we broke the hands," a panicked Shia said, referring to how he, Corden, Rachel Bloom and Cobie Smulders were originally hand-in-hand.

Soon after ghoulish music started to play, so Shia requested everyone hold hands once again.

"You don't hear that spooky haunted s--t? Up in the back please!" Shia implored. "Oh, it's [Late Late Show musician] Reggie [Watts]. I figured it out."

Although Shia figured out the source of the spooky sounds, the lights still didn't turn back on. "Is this real? I thought you were just f--king with me," Shia asked.

"It's not a bit! It's real. It's genuinely happening," Corden said of the power outage.

And it was only then that Shia became the Shia we've come to know. "Are we even on TV anymore?" he asked. "Where are we?"

Watch the hilarious video to see how the lighting situation gets resolved.

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