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Have you ever wondered if that hottie-po-tottie living three blocks and a hay bale over is just as into binging Narcos as you are? If you live in Texas, the answer is probably yes. Thinking about asking your new boo to Netflix and chill, but forgot their favorite show? If you know what state they're from, this article and handy chart will tell you what they might like to watch. If your bae is from the good old Midwest, for example, you'll probably want to turn on some Parks and Rec, The New Girl or The Simpsons. Or, if they're from the East Coast, you could suggest Stranger Things, The Wire or The Sopranos, to name a few. How did these findings come to be? compiled a bunch of data on bingers from state to state, in order to figure out what shows everyone is obsessed with these days. 

Favorite TV Shows By State

To start, they found the top 200 most popular shows according to IMDb, and checked out Google Trends data from the past year to determine the favorite shows of your state. In other words, Silicon Valley is not the most-watched show for example, "but it is more popular per capita in California than in any other state." Furthermore, the research involved collecting information about education levels, crime, obesity and income levels of each state, in order to determine what our show preferences say about us. It's pretty darn fascinating if you ask us! All in all, results of their findings showed that people enjoy watching "dramatic versions of ourselves" play out in our fave shows. Plain and simple, we like TV that seems familiar, and characters and stories that are easily relatable. 

For example, it makes sense that California is really into Silicon Valley, or that Tennessee can't get enough of Nashville. See what we're saying? 

Remember when we said they took income, education, etc. into consideration? It turns out, states like Minnesota and Wyoming, which have the highest rate of high school graduates, along with Maryland and Alaska, states with the highest median income, prefer shows with "complicated plot twists and snappy dialogue." The Simpsons, Orange Is the New Black, The Wire and Star Trek totally make sense for this part of the country. As for the states that have a lower median income and less high school graduates, they would much rather watch an emotional or action-driven show; such as Friday Night Lights, Narcos and Prison Break. Very interesting indeed! 

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