Sarah Jessica Parker, Antz

Dreamworks, AKM-GSI

Hollywood can be a cutthroat industry, even for some of the town's most beloved stars.

While Sarah Jessica Parker has found huge success on both the big and small screen, the actress has also experienced a few surprises along the way.

In fact, the Sex and the City star endured not one but two firings from animated movies.

"I was fired from Antz, that animated movie. And I was fired from Home on the Range, that other animated movie," she shared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show Tuesday morning. "Apparently I was a bad ant."

She continued, "I can't remember which movie fired me first. The first time they were like, ‘we're going in a different direction,' which I always heard as a joke and that one was a cow."

While Sarah did "many sessions" for both of the animated movies, it wasn't enough to keep her spot in the cast. But if it's any consolation, the star who replaced her in Antz is also pretty legendary.

"I had my own [voice] and then they brought in Sharon Stone so I was like oh you really did go in a different direction," she joked. "What was upsetting was they even called me like the week before they fired me. They called to tell me how great I was, which I felt was like a set up but I think they meant it at that time."

Fast-forward several years later and Sarah can absolutely laugh about it now. After all, she continues to have huge success thanks to her role as a designer, editorial director and actress.

"When I found out about Antz, I was walking around with [husband] Matthew Broderick and we were looking for an apartment to buy and then I got a call and they're like ‘hey listen' and I was like I can't believe I'm about to purchase a home," she shared.

As they like to say, timing is everything.

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