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You read that right, people. Coach Carr from Mean Girls has been spotted on Tinder, which means your day just got like 6.3 times better than it was a second ago. If you think you could see a future with an Emmy-nominated actor who once played a child predator slash sex-ed teacher in one of the best films of our lifetime, you're in luck. Real name Dwayne Hill, Betches came across his dating profile which is filled with pics and a stellar bio. If you're hoping to swipe him, here's what you should know. He's 6'5, with beard and isn't wearing a whistle and tracksuit in any of his pics. "If you're a good cuddler, I might let you join my gang ;)," his bio states. You heard him! Get your cuddle pants on and get ready to swipe. Also, one picture quite possibly shows him wearing a man bun.

Coach Carr, Mean Girls, Tinder

Betches/Tinder: Dwayne Hill

You know you're into it. It also looks like he's a big animal person, as he's got two pics with them; one cat and one dog. Also, If chest hair is your jam, come to papa. He's a huge fan of unbuttoning the top of his shirts. There's another candid (?) shot of him standing on a boat, head to the side, holding what looks to be a super intense camera. Does this mean he's also an artsy photographer? We can only dream. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we can tell where he was discovered on the dating app, so you're just going to have to leave this chance encounter up to the Tinder gods. 

Speaking of God, could we be getting blessed with a Mean Girls sequel (Mean Girls 2 doesn't count), Coach Carr and all? Lindsay Lohan Instagrammed a #tbt chilling with castmates Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert with the caption, "Miss you all... sequel?" *Faints* In case you're wondering, Coach Carr has been up to a lot since his Mean Girls days. He's done a ton of acting and voice-over work, including working on the PBS cartoon Arthur. We can't make this stuff up, people. He's a man of many talents. Thankfully, he's Dwayne and not actually Coach Carr, or else we'd seriously be worried for all the Trang Pak's within a Tinderable radius. 

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