Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood

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Motherhood is all about finding a balance—digitally, too.  

In the age of social media, celebrities and mere mortals alike are still trying to establish a golden rule for online activity. Much like Goldilocks, we're all walking the lines between too much, too little and just right, especially in a time when there are more virtual platforms available than there are hours in a day to consume them.  

It becomes a finer line to walk for famous moms. In Tinseltown's pre-social media years, it was considered A-list decorum to sell the first photos of a celebrity son or daughter to the highest bidders, typically emblazoned on the cover of a magazine or newspaper.  

With public platforms in the palm of their hands, famous moms and dads have moved away from the high-profile debut in exchange for a far more controllable introduction.

Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood—all notable women with one common thread: they debuted their babies to the world themselves.

Whether through a creative caption on Instagram or a sentimental blog post, many Hollywood moms have opted to share the first photos of their children on their social media accounts, therefore having a hand in how their kids appear and how much information the public receives.

Nowadays, what comes after the reveal is typically up to mom and dad, too. As opposed to the digital dark ages where paparazzi were the only link between celebrity children and the public, now the star can decide if they want fans to see their child's first steps or second birthday party by simply throwing a filter on the image and pressing "upload."

hi my lulu!

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While proud parents, regardless of their level of fame, can certainly overdo it, many famous moms have successfully found the middle ground between incorporating their children in their public persona online without endangering their tots in the process. 

Teigen opts for quirky Snapchats of infant daughter Luna Simone Stephens in the middle of ordinary activities—feeding, cooking, chilling.

So this happened.... #RiverLovesSanta it wrong I slightly enjoyed this ha!

A photo posted by Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson) on

Clarkson's shares tend to tug at heartstrings, posting her daughter River Rose Blackstock crying hysterically on Santa's lap or in the middle of an impromptu dance to Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It."

Underwood plays jokester, often poking fun at her little boy Isaiah Michael Fisher's notable baby moments—like going pantsless in the living room or performing at a baby piano—without often showing his face.

#flashbackfriday ??

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Overall, when it comes to these mamas and their social media behavior, the frequency is low, the humor is high and the payoff is great. 

Fans are not the only ones to benefit from the digital displays. Just as the public is curious about celebrities as parents, it befits the stars to peel back the curtain into their personal lives—albeit briefly and subtly—for the sake of strengthening their brand as likeable and relatable figures. 

Diaper changes, breastfeeding and managing tantrums help humanize celebrity moms and remind fans that despite the mansions and the millions, when it comes to motherhood, the rich and famous still spend Friday nights on the couch with their kid instead of at the MET Gala.

In a world of endless filters, that kind of authenticity will always get the most likes.

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