Raccoon Steals Phone, Viral Video

Twitter: Guy Williams

Like any good millennial, Guy Williams posted his phone up in the grass, in order to get an up-close video of a cute visiting raccoon. The musician and Bellarmine University student, who lovingly nicknamed the animal "Stanley," probably did not expect what came next. What started as an adorable recording of Stanley crushing some snacks, ended with the raccoon grabbing his phone, and taking it for an epic journey. The best part? His camera was still on during the entire chase. Williams tweeted, "A RACCOON JUST PICKED UP MY PHONE WITH ITS TEETH AND TOOK OFF." He posted the video and added, "I WAS TRYNNA VIDEO A RACCOON AND IT JUST PICKED UP MY PHONE AND TOOK OFF." When you watch the clip, you'll understand why those tweets could only be written in all-caps. Trust us; this is just about as suspenseful as waiting for season two of Stranger Things. 

The video, unfortunately, doesn't give us much closure but Williams did tweet that he got his phone back. "All these people in my mentions assuming I hurt the raccoon to get my phone back...simmer down lol. Dude just finally dropped it." In a friends video, you can see Williams running around telling people to "call security," while yelling for Stanley to come back. "I was so shook," he wrote. "IDK what I thought security was gonna do about it." Literally all of us, though. 

If security wasn't there to help in time, how did they get him to cooperate? "For all those curious, 'Stanley' finally dropped it after we started calling my phone," he explained on Twitter. Smart move. The video has 110,000 likes and 79,000 retweets, because of course raccoon's stealing phones is obviously viral gold. Also, can we just ask what kind of witchcraft phone case is being used here? Who doesn't want one that works so well it defends against spontaneous raccoon attacks? Toodles, Stanley. 

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