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If you're not a hardcore Harry Potter fan, you may want to turn back. This isn't for the casual Potterhead who maybe slept through a movie or two, own a hand-me-down Hermione tee and use the books as doorstops. No. Your kind might not appreciate the beauty of this news. If you've seen all the movies, read every book, discovered your Patronus, and attempted to get a full-time job at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (or at least you would if you could have), then you might enjoy what we're about to show you. If you're a Harry Potter nerd, you're not alone. Mashable notes, a genius by the name of Skyler Johnson created a gorgeous graph that maps out every single one of the spells in every Harry Potter book. Specifically, it's "Every spell muttered, flicked, and yelled in the Harry Potter book universe, visualized at occurrence position." 

We know, right? It's beautiful; it's nerdy and it's even interactive. You can view the spells by the order in which they appeared, or switch it up to see how often they occurred in the stories. Have you ever wanted to know which spells came first? What about those which showed up dead last? How about the number of times the gang used Expelliarmus, Lumos or (the crowd favorite) Expecto Patronum? Now you can thanks to this handy and colorful chart. 

Because why wouldn't you want and need to know that information, am I right? If one thing is for sure, you're about to have a zillion fun Harry Potter facts to spout at the Thanksgiving table this year. Use them to distract your loved ones when they try and have one of those "So why aren't you in school/married/with child yet?" conversations. Not only is it fun and interesting, but it's also a holiday sanity saver. Thanks, trusty Harry Potter graph!

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