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Donald Trump is facing a set of negative allegations regarding his treatment of female contestants on Celebrity Apprentice, according to a new report.

Former contestant Richard Hatch recently spoke to People, claiming the Republican presidential nominee made sexual comments toward Lisa Rinna and Marlee Matlin while filming season 11 of the reality competition series in 2011. 

"Watching him in the boardroom making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, to all of the women on the Apprentice, it was obvious that that's just a part of who he is," Hatch recalled to the magazine. "It was obvious and it was grotesque. It was blatant and it was frequent. He did it with Lisa Rinna; He did it with Marlee Matlin. He did it with whomever happened to be there at the time."

In the interview, Hatch claimed, "He went back and forth with Marlee. No matter how she responded, no matter how politely, he would push it a step further with comments about her looks, and how she was making him feel, and about what he thought of her, and how happy he would be to do something sexual with her.

"It was a lot of innuendo, far beyond the norm. It was odd and weird, and people in the boardroom would look at one another, but he didn't care. [Matlin] was with her interpreter, Jack, and I thought, ‘Gosh, I wonder if he's comfortable with this?'" the former Survivor champ added.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign dismissed the allegations, telling the mag, "Marlee Matlin is such a nice person, and Mr. Trump has great respect for her, but this report is completely false. Just take a look at Richard Hatch's record, or lack thereof."

Additionally, Hatch said he found issue in Trump displaying such behavior while daughter Ivanka Trump was in the same room. 

"He did it in front of Ivanka," he said. "That was not just uncomfortable for me. It was weird... He didn't care that she was there; he didn't seem afraid that she would hold him accountable or say anything about his boorish behavior. None of that happened. He was just that way, and it didn't matter to him one bit that his daughter was listening in."

Richard's tell-all comes on the heels of a separate scandal amid the Washington Post publishing footage of a lewd conversation between Trump and Billy Bushin 2005. On Sunday, NBC suspended the television personality from the Today show. 

E! News has reached out to both Rinna and Matlin for comment. The Oct. 24 issue of People hits newsstands Friday. 

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