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Snapchat is one of the greatest socials platforms around right now. Except for that dreaded little feature called "Auto-Advance." You know, the one that always manages to turn you into an accidental stalker of ex-lovers? Like, all you came to do was watch your best friend show off her fettuccine Alfredo skills and then, bam! All of sudden you're front and center watching your ex (that you swore you were over) kiss their new boo in a hot tub of Doritos in Bali. Life isn't fair, and Snapchat is to blame. Until now. The platform has listened to the people and gotten rid of the feature. In a statement on their website, Snapchat explains why they did just that. While its feature had good intentions, such as making it crazy-easy to stay in-the-know with loved ones, it got lame fast when users weren't able to individually pick stories to watch. 

Can you blame them? Nobody wants to Auto Advance onto a story about that party they bailed on turning out to be a secret Beyoncé show. The shame! Since the people over at Snapchat understand the savagery of being blindsided by unwanted oncoming stories, now you can finally take some control over what you watch. The update will roll out to select Android users first, and later for all Android and iOS users. All you need to do is tap on a story to check it out. Whether or not you'll watch your exes are completely up to you now. 

It wouldn't be a true app update if they didn't add in a new feature, however. To replace Auto Advance, they rolled out something called "Story Playlist." Basically, it's exactly as it sounds. With your playlist, all you have to do is choose the stories you want to see in the order you want to see them. Add the stories of your friends to your playlist by tapping on the thumbnail on the left of your buddies name. Toodles, auto advance! 

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