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Remember that purity ring Joe Jonas used to wear? Judging by DNCE's newest music video, that symbolic band is long gone. 

Before you press play on the band's newest clip for their new song, "Body Moves," we suggest you take your lunch break—because it's about to get really steamy. 

In the video, which is shot like a home movie, Jonas and his bandmates strip off their clothes and get hot and heavy with virtually everyone in their midst, including a scantily-clad blond bombshell character, played by Baywatch star Charlotte McKinney, who Joe takes a particular interest in. 

In between passionate romps in an elevator, three-way kisses and mattress makeouts for a video camera, Jonas shed more than just his shirt—he officially bid his squeaky clean Disney past farewell.  

However, as the 27-year-old explained to E! News, his daring new style is all just a result of growing up. "I'm like everybody. You grow up and you feel like you can evolve and just tell whatever story you want to be able to tell, so it feels right."

Bottom line—Joe gives the new video, directed by Hannah Lux, two thumbs up. "I love it. It's crazy and sexy and we got some amazing people in it," he said of the video. "To do something kind of risqué for us and really go there was an adventure and the whole band doesn't hold back."

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Joe Jonas, Ashley Graham, "Toothbrush"

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He isn't the only Jonas brother not holding back anymore. While Joe released this video and his previous sexy clip for "Toothbrush," where he laid in bed with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covergirl Ashley Graham, his brother Nick Jonas has also joined in on the adult fun. 

Since going solo, the 24-year-old "Jealous" crooner has released heated music videos of his own for hits like  "Close" and "Under You," which featured a seductive shower makeout with Shay Mitchell. The provocative scene left the Pretty Little Liars star all bruised up. 

"My makeup artist was like, 'What did you do to your legs?'" she told Teen Vogue. "They had to keep coming into the shower to cover up the bruises because I was bruised all over."

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While the brothers rose to fame under the Disney brand, they soon felt stifled by the restrictive pressure to remain kid-friendly, which prevented any such shower scenes. 

"Because of Disney... there were so many things throughout our career that we had to sugarcoat," Joe wrote in Vulture. "If a lyric was slightly sexual, someone at the record company would tell us we had to change it...It felt like we couldn't be creative, so we stopped listening to them and just started handing s--t in."

"Being a part of the Disney thing for so long will make you not want to be this perfect little puppet forever. Eventually, I hit a limit and thought, 'screw all this, I'm just going to show people who I am,'" he added. 

Don't worry, Joe—we definitely see you. 

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