Disney World, Main Street Electrical Parade


Disney theme parks have really been changing things up in the past few years. First, they took away Disney Dollars; then it was the Tower of Terror, and now it's one of the most iconic parades in the park. Sad to say, they're doing away with the historic Main Street Electrical Parade. Disney fans know this is a big deal, simply because of how long it's been around. It first started in the '70s, with light-up floats including Alice In Wonderland, Dumbo's Circus, "It's a Small World," and Cinderella's Ball, according to WDW News Today. If you've seen it in person or even just in pictures, you know it's the epic parade with floats covered in Christmas lights. Disney needed an attraction that kept parkgoers around until nighttime. Guests liked to leave in the evening, and their fireworks show wasn't enough to get them to stay. 

The parade was born despite a disastrous rehearsal before their debut. WDW notes, cast members were getting shocked; floats were crumbling and some couldn't even make it to the end of the route. Not to mention, the OG floats weren't even all in 3-D like they are now. Thankfully, things appear to have smoothed out and improved over time.

Interestingly enough, the festival of lights is no stranger to relocation, as the Disney Parks Blog notes it started in Disneyland and showed there until 1996.

After its initial run, it popped back up at Disneyland Resort under the name Disney's Electrical Parade. The parade ran there throughout the '00s and now resides on the other side of the country at Disney World. While the final procession took place yesterday at the Magic Kingdom, it's set to head from Disney World back to Disneyland to do a goodbye run there. Sad face. Catch it while you can, as it might as well be as good as gone. 

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