Apparently, if you're on Blake Shelton's team on The Voice, you get an extra glimpse of your coach every now and then. At least that's what we're learning in this featurette starring the coaches and their Season 11 Battle Round Advisors, which include Joan Jett (for Miley Cyrus), Charlie Puth (for Alicia Keys), Sammy Hagar (for Adam Levine) and Bette Midler (for Blake).

But Bette isn't too impressed when Blake talks about showing off his, well, let's call them "assets," to the members of his team in this exclusive video. "I flash my man boobs all the time to the girls," he confesses, but Bette doesn't want to see that. One of Blake's team members expresses interest, but Blake informs him that the man boobs aren't for everyone.

The Voice, Bette Midler


"You're not 18 yet, though, so I'm not showing you my man boobs until you're of age," he jokes. (Note; No man boobs are shown in this video.)

The clip also shows how expansive Alicia's vocabulary is (much to the delight of Charlie Puth), how Adam Levine calls his friends "buddy" regardless of their gender (much to the surprise of Sammy Hagar), and how Joan Jett accidentally let's a little swear word fly when talking to the members of Team Miley.

Watch the video above for safety tips and more on how The Voice coaches are just like us, and tune in to the Battle Rounds tonight and tomorrow at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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