We may never love Jeffrey Dean Morgan the same way again. 

It was clear based on the ending of season six that going forward, The Walking Dead was going to be harder to watch than ever before. This Saturday, at New York Comic Con, AMC released a brand new sneak peek that officially confirmed that suspicion and successfully got our heartrate back up to finale speeds. 

It's a seriously incredible sneak peek, and if you haven't yet watched it, you should press play above right now. 

Of course, fans all over the internet have been weighing in with their theories on the few clues this clip gives us, so let's talk about them!

The Walking Dead GIF


First of all, here's what the clip confirms for us: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is still alive, and someone to his right has been severely bloodied up. It does not appear to be the person directly to his right, because Rick would probably be covered in a lot more blood if that were the case, right? 

That means Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) out...or does it?

An eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed something on the ground in the bloody mess (on the far right) that appears to be an engagement ring, not unlike the one Maggie is wearing. 

But that thing also looks too big to be an engagement ring, depending on the perspective of the shot. And honestly, we're not sure we could handle the death of Maggie, let alone pregnant Maggie. 

Another important image is the blanket lying on the ground, which looks like the blanket Daryl (Norman Reedus) was wrapped in. Daryl was also kneeling to the right of Rick, but further away than Maggie.

This seems pretty obvious, which means it's probably a red herring, but this show must know that if it wants to seriously emotionally compromise its fans, killing Daryl is a good way to do that. 

And then there's all the talk about a right hand man. In the comics, Rick was supposed to lose his literal right hand to the Governor, so could this be a warning that we're about to finally see that happen?

In any case, we're already feeling sick to our stomachs at the thought of actually finding out who died, and how the group will go on from here. 

During the show's New York Comic Con panel, the cast and executive producers gave a few tidbits about what exactly that journey will be like, and none of it was good news. 

The Walking Dead


"It's so unexpected, jarring and destabilizing in a way we've never had," Cohan, who apparently cried during the panel, said of the premiere. "The story that comes from this year is insane, we were completely knocked off our feet, literally. We'll see how people deal with what they could and should and would have done as we go through."

"Every season, the premiere has a very different tone," executive producer Greg Nicotero said. "Because everybody knows how the season ended last year and that someone's gonna go, it was more of a challenge going into it and knowing what people are going to expect...There are some unbelievable moments that come out of the fog and the haze of the post traumatic stress after that moment. When we were finished, it took me a few weeks to recover from it."

Given the fact that we still haven't gotten rid of the finale-related nightmares, we're willing to bet this this season is going to take us more than a few weeks to recover from. 

The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC. 

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