Ashton Kutcher almost got himself into some big trouble!

The 38-year-old joined Kelly Ripa as her co-host on Friday's show of Live! With Kelly and got to chatting about his second child—who he just revealed is a baby boy—and almost disclosed a bit too much.

You see, when the host asked Mila Kunis' husband if they've picked a name yet for their little one, he revealed they had, but they were planning to keep it a secret. Still, he decided to whisper the name into Ripa's ear...forgetting he was mic'd!

Ashton Kutcher, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly

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"No way people heard that," he said, turning white with a frightened look on his face. Luckily, one of the producers confirmed they killed the mics when he whispered. "Oh thank God," he breathed a sigh of relief. "I thought it was over! I would have been murdered. The wife would have taken me out!"

LOL! We're glad no one will be getting into trouble, and Ripa gave us a little insight about the name nonethless, noting, "That's a really good name! You know what it is, it sounds established."

So how did the pair come up with it? The soon-to-be daddy-of-two revealed they play what Kunis calls "name turrets" where Kutcher will throw out random names and phrases in all different languages, and they eventually land on one.

Mila Kunis, Ashton

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"When we get in the naming process, [Mila] hates every name I ever come up with, and so I just start rattling off anything I see," he explained. "Like, 'Truck. Camera Kutcher, Lights Kutcher. La Luz.' I'll go multiple languages, and she hates it. But eventually, both times, I've landed on the name with name turrets."

Seems like a solid plan to us! After all, their daughter's monikerWyatt Isabelle Kutcher, is adorbs.

Meanwhile, now that Kutcher has divulged the baby's sex to the world, he was also able to reveal how he originally told his family...and his grandmother's hilarious response.

"When we finally had the ultrasound tech do the reading thing, we got the little picture, and we have a little, private social media thing that's just for our family. We posted it up there, and my grandmother posts, 'Oh! Would you look at that? He's got a boner!'"

He laughed, "For me, that was traumatizing. The fact that my grandmother said that word to me, I was like, 'She's not even supposed to know that word!'"

Congrats again to Kutcher and Kunis on their baby boy!

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