Tangled: The Series, Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi

Disney Channel/Matt Petit

We may be fullly grown-ish adults, but it would be a lie to say we aren't a little giddy about Tangled: The Series

Disney Channel is reuniting Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore from 2010's Tangled, based on the Rapunzel fairy tale, for the new series and based on the new promo things could not be more adorable.

However, there's just one thing we're confused about. In case you've forgotten, the movie version of Tangled ended with Flynn/Eugene (Levi) cutting off Rapunzel's (Moore) magical hair to save her from the evil woman who had kidnapped her. Her hair then became short, brunette, and totally cute.

Rapunzel's hair remained short and brown and cute in the short film, Tangled Ever After, which was released in 2012, and told the story of Flynn and Rapunzel's wedding. This new series takes place in between the events of the film and that short, with Rapunzel getting to know her family and the people of Corona, since she was kidnapped as a baby. 

However, in this short promo, Rapunzel has her insanely long, blonde, and presumably magical hair back, and we just don't understand. Clearly the return of her hair is the point of the promo, and clearly Flynn is also surprised by its reappearance, but we just can't imagine how this happened. How did she get it back? How does she lose it again before the wedding? How does magical hair work anyway??

Our questions will probably be answered by the series, but 2017 feels really far away and we're bad at waiting. All that we do know is that this kind of makes sense, because a show about Rapunzel without Rapunzel's hair isn't much of a show about Rapunzel.

Anyway, we're excited, this promo is cute, and now we need to spend some time deciding how we feel about Chuck's beard. 

Tangled: The Series will debut on Disney Channel in 2017. 

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