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What's better than The Rock? The Rock talking about The Rock, of course! Dwayne Johnson looked back at a recording of his very first WWE match and took us through some pretty hilarious commentary. The footage is so '90s. Let's get some background. According to his YouTube channel, he made his wrestling debut in 1996 on November 7. If you can believe it, it's been nearly 20 years, since he blessed us with his Rock-ness. Back then, he wrestled under the name "Rocky Maivia." The match was held at Madison Square Garden; which is a huge deal he explains, considering how unlikely it is for a newcomer to start at such a big-name venue. The Rock competed in WWE's Survivor Series against Crush and Goldust (amazing names, BTW). The rest is history. First and foremost, he points out what we're going to guess everyone is looking at; his amazing hair.

"I'm so hyped up, I'm so excited, and I got a f-----g Chia Pet on my head as a haircut," he says. To be honest, he pulls off both current and past looks very well. As he jumps into the match, you can see him point excitedly into the distance with his back turned to the camera. "Alright, so I jump into the top row like I'm a bad son-of-a-bitch, and I literally point...I think I'm pointing to what's called the 'hard cam,' and I'm literally pointing to nothing. That's why my back was to you guys." Awwwww. Can you blame him? This was his first match! "The f-----g hard cam was behind me," he admitted. Too perfect. Interestingly, The Rock had zero clues as to what the finish of his first match would be until roughly an hour before.

He goes on to talk about the life-changing moment when 22,000 audience members started chanting his name, totally unscripted. Yay! We love this. Even more touching? His parents had no idea he was winning, and when they found out he had, they (along with grandma) started bawling back home. Be still your beating WWE-loving heart, right?! "Anyway, look," he said. "This particular night, aside from me wearing some bright-ass blue wrestling gear, and a really awful haircut that I had no business in; I looked like pineapple and a Chia Pet all mixed in one, it was a very, very special night, and this night really kicked off my career." Happy 20-year anniversary!

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