Legends of the Hidden Temple


Open wide, '90s bbs. Here's your giant dose of nostalgia for today. If you were a Nickelodeon child back in the day, you'll be pleased to know that Nick just released a new trailer for their Legends of the Hidden Temple movie! Yes, they made a movie out of the TV show, in case you've been living under a hidden temple. Get it? Ha. Sorry.

Anyway, the film stars original show host Kirk Fogg (thank you, nostalgia Gods), along with Isabela Moner, Colin Critchley and Jet Jurgensmeyer. The story revolves around three siblings, who get caught up in some serious temple madness. The trailer is a whole lot darker than the one before, but it still has all of the much-needed nods to the '90s show. Get v excited to see everybody's favorite red-eyed buddy, Olmec, along with The Steps of Knowledge, and that effing Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

You know, that one statue that literally nobody could ever put together before the timer ran out? Still salty about the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, not even sorry. Deep breaths.

Did we mention you'll also be seeing some major green monkey, red jaguar and silver snake action? So many references, so little time. Oh! As if those temple guards from the show weren't startling enough, they're like 200 times scarier in this trailer, which Nickelodeon posted on their Facebook page. 

Just wanted to warn you in case you were one of those kids who screamed at their TV each time one of them jumped out of a corner. The Nickelodeon original movie will be out Thanksgiving of this year. Let this be your excuse to dip out on too much holiday family time. Better yet, why not round up the entire fam to see it? Regardless, the choice to see this epic remake is yours and yours alone. The legend lives, you guys. THE LEGEND LIVES. 

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