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We all know what the biggest question of How to Get Away With Murder's third season is: Who's on the gurney?! But there's another mystery still unsolved: Where the heck is Frank?!

HTGAWM creator Pete Nowalk promises we'll soon find out where Annalise's former right-hand man has been hiding out.

"Well, we saw him! He's at some motel somewhere getting in fights with hit men with his shaved head and shaved face," Nowalk tells E! News.

The new look? Only partially Nowalk's idea. "I have to say, Charlie Weber begged me to let him shave his head. I always knew I wanted him to shave his beard, but [with the head] I was like, ‘Ooh, what happens if that doesn't look good?'" Thankfully, Nowalk says, "he looks great! He's like a Calvin Klein model."

And we'll see more of Frank and his sexy new look very soon. "We're going to see more of Frank. … We're going to find out where he is and what he's doing and there's definitely a plan there."

The message might not have trickled down to the cast, however. "I don't even know! I mean genuinely I don't know. I have no idea," Jack Fallahee confessed to us. Same for Matt McGorry, who said, "Who knows?"

Karla Souza, who plays Frank's ex by default, Laurel—you know, since he ran away—has a feeling we'll find out soon. "He's on the run! Laurel is going to try everything in her power to find out and I'm personally thinking she's got it. She'll get it," Souza told us. "A heartbroken, desperate woman is on the lookout? That's going to beat anything."

Aja Naomi King, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily need to know where Frank is as long as he finds his way back to Philadelphia. "Where is Frank? Wouldn't you like to know! I will say, wherever he is, he's looking real good while he's there," she cracked. "Who needs the beard? Come on back!"

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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