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YouTube: Spencer Pratt

It's no secret Spencer Pratt, and Heidi Montag kept things ultra-real on The Hills. One could argue (although why would we ever need to) that these two were the most real of them all. Now that the show has been over for a while, the twosome are more real than ever. In addition to grounding himself in crystal work, Spencer started a YouTube channel. This is not a drill, you guys. It's def time to #MakeSpeidiFamousAgain, and perhaps this new venture is what will do the trick. Every Speidi fan knows he's fire on Twitter with his pop culture commentary and that fans see him as the messiah of Snapchat. YouTube, of course, seems like the next logical step. We were not being sarcastic at all when we said his page is already infinitely more interesting than The Hills, despite only having two videos posted. Trust us on this one. 

It's new; it's real and it's filled with tacos. You can watch the two vids as you pray for more to come. The first is a test video (above) to ease you into the channel. He talks about joining YouTube to go viral; "So, I don't know how you go viral on YouTube but if a flesh beard helps, you know I'm gonna keep growing it," he tells the camera. We couldn't agree more. Bless. In it, Heidi makes an off-screen cameo, telling her hubby to put dogs on his channel. While that's def not a bad idea, we would really like to see some crystal tutorials, but that's just us. Although his following might agree. 

Y'all. Click on the second video on his page as well if you're a foodie. Created for National Taco Day yesterday, Spencer ran around town taste-testing every delicious taco he could find. 

Honestly, that was a super chill gesture. Celebrating Taco Day for all of us that couldn't? Subscribed. Plus, those taco graphics and motivational intro music really let you know this video is going to be worth your time. And it is. Just don't take our word for it. Besides, who doesn't want to watch Spencer eat a bunch of the world's finest foods? The only food anyone ever ate on The Hills was air, vodka and ice cubes, so his work is truly an artistic departure from the norm. We wish Spencer the best on his YouTube journey! 

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