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Aww! Poor bebe. In a video posted to Twitter by @sam_mhull (aka Sam), we see puppy buddies Jack and Archie messing around. Actually, Jack is the one messing with Archie, and scaring the living shiz out of him. You see, according to the post, Jack has learned that by playing dead he can freak the funk right out of his poor pal Archie. Don't take our word for it. You'll see what we mean in the video. Basically we can totally see why poor Archie freaked out. Does anyone else feel bad for the puppy being punked like that? Aww. In the clip, you can hear a woman tell Archie "He's not dead," as she tries to comfort the whimpering pup. So sad!!! Jack is the troll of all dog trolls, for sure. Also, Jacks playing dead pose is a littttle bit too convincing, and Twitter users agreed with that. 

"He actually dead," one user tweeted. "Noooooo he's fine he just likes to scare Archie," replied the video's poster. "You sure he's not actually dead," another asked. "I promise he is alive and well," @sam_mhull replied. "I NEED A VIDEO OF ARCHIE PLAYING WITH JACK I NEED TO SEE ARCHIE HAPPY AND NOT SCARED OMG," someone else tweeted. Same. "Soon," Sam replied. Well, that's good news for us all. The video has over 11,000 retweets and 16,000 likes, because puppies. 

So, um, there needs to be some sort of follow-up here to prove Archie and Jack are really okay, don't you think? "The full video would have been about half an hour long because Jack just stayed there looool," Sam noted on her Twitter. Poor Archie! We can't even imagine how many more doggie tears he had to cry! Someone on Twitter called Jack and a-hole for doing this sort of thing to his so-called friend. Sam tweeted, seemingly in an effort to comfort us all, "Nah he's jokes." Dogs will be dogs, right? 

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