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Olivia Newton-John doesn't seem hopelessly devoted to the idea of starring in Grease 2

On the heels of a role of a lifetime, the Grammy winner remembers being presented with the possibility of starring in Grease's infamous sequel. 

"What did you honestly think of Grease 2?" the Watch What Happens Live host asked her candidly. "Not a lot," she retorted. 

"I kind of remember they did ask us. I think they approached John [Travolta] and I to do it and then it didn't happen and I didn't think it was going to happen," she said.

Grease 2, Michelle Pfeiffer

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As we know from history, it definitely did happen. Michelle Pfeiffer, just a Hollywood newcomer at the time, starred in the lead role of Stephanie Zinone while British star Maxwell Caulfield took on the male lead, Michael Carrington, who was Sandy's cousin who had just moved from Australia. 

While the film took place back at Rydell High, the plot was a bit different, centering around a nerdy student vying for the popular girl's affection. In a plot to win her over, he disguises himself as a mysterious biker and the T-Birds aren't exactly welcoming. 

As Newton-John briefly recalled Tuesday, "They made it with other people, so that's my memory of it."


Though it wasn't exactly praised in the same fashion as its predecessor, it did give us musical gems like "Cool Rider," "Score Tonight" and "Reproduction." Silver lining, right?

Meanwhile, the songstress did approve of one Grease reprisal—Fox's Grease: Live. "I liked it," she told Cohen. "It was fun."

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