Well, you're not going to believe it, but Susan Sarandon turns 70 today.

The actress, who, er, burst out as the nubile Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show back in 1975, went on to become positively prolific on the big screen, playing some incredibly memorable characters over the course of her storied career and winning the Oscar for Best Actress in 1996.

And to this day she continues to be one of the foxiest stars in Hollywood.

Sarandon's savvy knows no bounds, from her ping-pong social club franchise SPiN to her carefully curated Instagram account to her repeat trips to...Burning Man!

But then again, what's to be surprised about? Hip, sexy grandmas are the new norm these days.

Susan Sarandon, Instagram


All it takes is one look at Sarandon having a cleavage square-off with Salma Hayek, who just celebrated her 50th birthday recently, to be reminded that girls of all ages just wanna have fun, that we're only as old as we feel and embracing all the good stuff that comes with age—the wisdom, the experience, the laugh lines—is the way to go.

"You're very lucky to age. If [you aren't], you're dead!" Sarandon told Refinery 29 a few months ago. "Aging is a good thing. I think it means staying healthy. I think there's something about not giving up and becoming invisible, which is what our society has a tendency to do. I hear women [of a certain age] talking about becoming invisible. My interpretation of anti-aging means anti-becoming invisible."

There is no danger of that happening here.

Moreover, her tips for living well are most useful at any adult age.

"You have to take care of yourself," Sarandon advised in You magazine. "To stay young and healthy, you need to weed out toxic things—and toxic people! Oh, and laugh and have sex—if you're lucky enough to find that—those are really important, too."

In honor of the actress' milestone birthday, her many past successes and her triumphs to come, check out these pics of some of Sarandon's best moments over the years, a reminder of why we've been fans for so long.

Here's to 70—may it be one of Susan Sarandon's most fulfilling years yet!

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