Amanda Knox is back in the spotlight thanks to Amanda Knox.

The new Netflix documentary from directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn about the notorious international murder case features interviews with Knox and the key players involved, and if McGinn did his job, it presented the public with a unique look at everybody involved, including Knox.

"When we actually sat down across from them, all of the ideas and preconceived notions about who these people are that have existed for so long in the coverage of this story and the way everyone looks at it kind of melted away," McGinn told E! News.

But did he ever meet the "real" Amanda Knox?

Amanda Knox


"Amanda says in the film and people stop her on the street and they say, 'Oh, I know you,' right? And she says, 'No, you don't know me.' I think that when you're making a documentary about someone, especially one that is interview driven, we didn't spend that much time with each of these people. We were doing interviews over a period of many years, but still in the grand scheme of things we barely know any of the people that are on screen," he admitted. "What we found was, Amanda, like she is in the film, is a very intelligent, well-spoken woman and we found that was kind of the same thing for all of these people. They were roughly the same off-camera as they were on. I think that was actually part of the revelation, is that when people are open and talk at length, they do reveal themselves to you."

As for the appearances of everybody, McGinn said they didn't instruct the subjects to arrive in anyway.

"For each of the people in the film, it was a way of them trying to convey to people here's who I am," he said.

Watch the video up top for more.

Amanda Knox is now streaming on Netflix.

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