Oh my god, you guys, can you believe this season of Fear the Walking Dead just ended with everyone reuniting, finding a cure for zombieism, and crying together in a big group hug after taking showers? 

No? Oh darn.

Obviously, that's not how season two ended at all, in any way, shape, or form. 

What did happen was a lot of horrible things, like Travis (Cliff Curtis) discovering that his son was dead. That would have been good news for all of us, since we all can't stand how horrible Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) has become, but Travis took it hard. 

After he met Chris' new friends and learned that they had killed him after he totaled their truck and seriously injured himself, Travis went into a rage and murdered them with his fists. Madison (Kim Dickens)—along with everyone, including us, who witnessed it—was rightfully horrified, and her relationship with Travis may never be the same. 

Fear the Walking Dead finale


Elsewhere, Nick (Frank Dillane) and Luciana (Danay Garcia) found out the bitter truth about Alejandro (Paul Calderon): he was not, in fact, immune to the walkers. He faked the whole thing, and used the lie to convince people to build Colonia around him, to save both his life and theirs. It kinda worked, to be fair, but still not such a great lie. 

After Marco's gang attacked Colonia, Alejandro sacrificed himself by using the bus to let the walkers in. Nick ended up taking over in leading everyone to what he thought was safety, but they never made it. Military guys with guns appeared and opened fire, throwing both Nick and Luciana to the ground. That was the last we saw of them, as their heads were slammed into the pavement. 

At the same time, Madison, Alicia, and Travis had made it to Colonia and found it deserted/filled with zombie cartel members, other than Alejandro dying on the bus. He told them that Nick was still alive, and basically that they had just missed him, and we're starting to doubt that this family will ever get back together. 

Now, we're left with a few questions: Who was shooting at Ofelia? Who are the military guys? Why did we need to witness that brain surgery and also that eye gouging? Why is Alicia still putting up with her mom? Did Chris really get murdered for driving badly? Is this TV's most depressing show? 

If you've got answers, please sound off in the comments! 

Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC in 2017.

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