Margot Robbie, SNL


Is that you, Margot Robbie

As the first-time host of Saturday Night Live's Season 42 premiere, the Suicide Squad star took the stage ready to turn heads another way. 

With the help of the show's veteran comics, the actress poked fun at the sex symbol stereotype with a handful of sketches, including one featuring her as a fantasy librarian with a secret identity.

As the archetype typically plays out, a student was fawning over a glasses-clad Robbie until it was brought to her attention. To give him the show he was looking for, hidden fans immediately started blowing and the Australian native posed with the wind in her blond tresses—that is until all her hair fell out.  

Then, Robbie pulled out her dentures to reveal rotted teeth and continued to break the neck of some unsuspecting library visitor.

At the scene's climax, Robbie seemed to finally give the group of confused guys what they were looking for when she began unbuttoning her top...only to blow their heads off in the process. Don't mess with Margot!

In a subsequent sketch, Robbie starred as the beautiful wife of a nerdy guy as they were both interviewed by a reporter during a sinkhole incident. Queue the "can't believe you married this guy" roast. 

One by one, the reporter, an expert and even sportscaster Leslie Jones weighed in on what they considered an unbelievable pairing. 

"I've got two theories," Jones joked. "One, this dude Matt is packing a tree trunk in his pants or two, he kidnapped her and she got Stockholm Syndrome."

"For the record, I'm with my husband because he is one of the strongest men I've ever met. Most men would be mad at the world if they were born with just testicles and no penis, but not Matt Shatt," Robbie's character defended. 

"Reporting live from a world that no longer makes sense," reporter Kenan Thompson quipped back. 

Robbie also stretched her impersonation muscles as Keira Knightley for one bit and Ivanka Trump in a sketch of Celebrity Family Feud. 

"This is fun. I love fun. Every day I schedule 20 minutes of fun," Robbie mocked as the Republican presidential nominee's oldest daughter. 

Thankfully, the newest episode of SNL was a full hour of fun. 

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