Domino's Pizza Boy Sofa

Domino's UK

Technically it's not made of pizza, but it's still a pizza couch. If you've ever fantasized about eating a pizza while you rest your hungry buns on top of a piece of pizza (wut?) today is the day where all those spiritual manifestations come true. It seems like every fast food restaurant is in a running competition to see who can come up with the craziest gimmicks, and today Domino's is in the lead. Their pizza couch, according to Brand Eating, is called The Pizza Boy Sofa, and it looks pretty much how it sounds. 

Imagine a cheese pizza cut in half, surrounded by a cushion that looks like a crust, topped with pepperoni butt pads and pillows with the swanky Domino's logo. Perfect for literally every college dorm room in the world. The sofa was spotted in the UK, and one can only hope they'll make a cameo in the states. Seriously everyone needs to Tweet at Domino's and get them to start selling this sofa with a side of Cinna Stix. Who doesn't want this touching their butt!? 

Did you know models eat pizza after Victoria's Secret fashion shows? Truth. 

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