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Oh my God, you guys. This is some Disney magic, right here. Thanks to one Australian flower company, Beauty and the Beast fans can now own a piece of the movie. How is that possible? The florists over at My Lasting Bouquet created a nearly indestructible rose encased in a glass dome just like Belle's. The flower lasts up to a year (!), and you don't even need to look after it. No watering, no sun, nothing. Perfect for those days when you're stuck in a gloomy castle with a giant, hairy beast.

Curious about how it works? "My Lasting Bouquet roses are real roses that have been treated with special solution that stops the growth of the roses at their peak. Our luxury roses maintain their real soft touch and shape," the website notes. Sorcery!

My Lasting Bouquet

My Lasting Bouquet

The creation is called 'Le Belle' dome' and is part of the Belle Collection. You can also get a smaller (and even more adorable) version called Le Bellé Mini, which features a tiny rose. The flowers appear to be blowing up because nearly every color except for red and rainbow are sold out. In case you're wondering, they also make the rose in white, gold, silver and even rose gold, and they honestly look more magical than the one from the actual movie. Sorry, Belle. The rose domes are kind of pricey, but for a flower that lasts longer than most celebrity relationships, it may or may not be worth the investment. 

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