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Sometimes a celeb posts a photo on social media that really makes you scratch your head and stroke your chin. Not at the same time, though. That looks weird. Seriously, try it in front of a friend and they'll tell you. 

Anyway, Lea Michele, like any self-respecting Hollywood star, hit up Coachella to take in the sun, the parties and you know, whatever else is at Coachella. Bands? Psh. Everyone knows that Coachella is all about what you're wearing and who you spot.

The Glee alum posted a TBT photo of a fangirl moment she had while at Coachella, and while she looks absolutely gorgeous in the pic, we have some questions about what's going on here. Several questions, actually.

Yep, that's the one and only Guy "Flavor Town, Off the Chain, Out of Bounds" Fieri. And Lea looks just over the moon to be meeting her "hero." She even tacked on the heart eyes emoji to really get the message across.

"If you know me than you'll know that meeting @guyfieri was one of the greatest moments of my life," she wrote in her Instagram caption. And you wonder why we have so many questions about these photos. Like...

1. Really?
2. Wait. Really?
3. Guy Fieri is your hero, Lea?
4. Seriously?
5. You do know that most of his recipes include grease, meat, butter or a combination of all three?
6. Is there anything he cooks that you, a vegan, could ever eat?
7. Is there anything he cooks that you, a vegan, could ever touch?
8. If it's not his food you admire, is it his white blonde hair and brunette goatee? 
9. Or is it the bomb catchphrases?
10. It's definitely that pinkie ring, right?

11. Why did you use the heart eyes emoji?
12. Do you think he was sweaty wearing that black hoodie in the desert?
13. Why?
14. Sorry but...why?
15. Did he ask you for hair advice?
16. Did you ask him for hair advice?
17. Was meeting your hero everything you wanted it to be?
18. Can you call us if you guys ever get together to create a deep fried lettuce recipe? 

All jokes aside (which you know we hate to do), we're glad Lea got to meet a celeb she so deeply admires. It's not the celeb we expected her to fangirl over, but that's what makes this photo so freakin' cool.

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