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A random Los Angeleno had the luxury of finding Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario's phone at Griffth Park Trails, and let's just say the rest is history.

OK, we won't yada yada yada our way thorugh this story, because it's pretty epic. Over the weekend the random person tried to get in touch with the TV star by using everything at his disposal: social media. It began with an Instagram post of her packed bag.

"Hey i found your phone/bag outside griffith. I texted some contacts in ur phone with my number but nobody's responding," he wrote. "I gotta head out in 30 mins please hit me up. Lol you have a lot of followers."

Getting no responses, the kid took off and posted one final photo of the band Disturbed. Fortunately, Troian eventually acknowledged his efforts and responded. "Guys. I am so so sorry. I just got a hold of the person who has my phone. (My new phone because apparently my old one was hacked) and I am rushing to get it. Thank you for all the concern and alerts," she captioned a selfie. "This will teach me not to unpack my car before a hike when I'm daydreaming like an idiot. Also thank you @docdanger for loaning me your phone. I changed all my Pw but I apologize for the previous posts and if they weirded anyone out. Xx."

But when you have a celebrity's bag and phone, you obviously have to have some fun. The curious bag discoverer happened to stumble upon some A-list Coachella wristbands and was ballsy enough to ask the star if he could use them. What's the worst she could say? Based on their text message conversation, as seen on Instagram, she said yes!

And that's where the fun really began. Troian, who has been accidentally dubbed "Trojan," forgot to change her Snapchat password. He took a pic of the crowd while he was onstage with Skrillex and wrote, "Thank u Trojan wish you were here!!"

"Okay The guy who has my phone and my wristbands is now on stage with @skrillex this is a better #coachella2016 than I had. Enjoy it Jack," she captioned the screengrab. "My snapchat is the best it's ever been. gaia17 if you wanna watch. LOL."

Then the phone finder, who we learned was named Jack, wound up at a party with Zedd. The EDM DJ left a nice message for Troian on her Snapchat. Jack might have had a tad too much fun, as he disappeared for a little while, leaving the actress a tad worried about him and her stuff. Eventually he responded. "I am alive lol," he texted her. "I was at Skrillex's house until like 6 a.m. I think."


The two finally met up at Troian's Game of Thrones viewing party, where he got to stay and hang.

Yes, finding a phone really got this guy the best weekend of all time. Just remember, if you see something, say something—it might just get you into A-list parties.

Alright COME ON!!!! @zedd seriously Jack!

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