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We did it.

We finally lost our Bridget Jones's Diary virginity.

Today is the film adaptation's 15th anniversary, and in honor of the 2001 British romantic comedy celebrating a milestone, we're dishing on what it's like to see the movie for the first time ever.

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Whether you're a long-time fan of Bridget Jones or a newbie to her smoking, drinking, and verbal diarrhea, this is an excellent opportunity to recognize one of the biggest rom com heroines of the past two decades.

The movie is kind of like Pride and Prejudice in that Colin Firth is in it, his character's name is once again Darcy, and there are some back-and-forth jabs and misunderstandings between the two leads before they can end up together.

The difference here is Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) swears a ton, writes in her diary about her weight struggles and vices, and shags her bad boy boss Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) before she ends up with Mr. Right.

We've heard so much about the book and the movie, but we tried to go in as clear-headed 2016 somethings watching this 2001 hit.

Here's what we found:

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1. The fact that the titular character has people making comments about her weight when she is only 136 pounds is craziness. This is like the Love Actually Prime Minister staffer Natalie all over again.

Also, what is it about pairing obscenity-loving slightly curvy ladies with Hugh Grant? This guy has got an onscreen type.

2. Speaking of which, we forgot about the '90s/early 2000's swoon factor of Hugh Grant. No one could resist that tousled mane and those baby blues. This movie is prime Hugh.

3. Like so many before her, and so many since, Bridget Jones has that "oh no I'm single and in my early thirties" crisis going on.

Does she sing "All by Myself" all by herself while drinking in her apartment? You bet. Do we seek subtlety in our rom coms? Absolutely not.

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4. Jones literally gets sexually harassed via Instant Messenger then envisions her wedding to bad boss Hugh Grant, and it's like girl, we don't even need to know anything about Colin Firth's role in this film to know you need someone better.

Speaking of which... Firth's role is not quite as dynamic to us in this film as it is in P&P.

He makes a rude comment about Jones up top in the movie, then later says he likes her very much for who she is. There isn't really a lot of interaction between them proving why he would be suddenly smitten for Jones, but whatever, it's a romantic comedy, and she's our lead. So, we're rooting for her.

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5. Oh, and while we're talking about Firth, there's a scene in this film where he fights and leaves a man unconscious in the street.

It's both funny and extremely brutal if you think about it, even though Grant's character is a liar and cheater who deserves his comeuppance.

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Again, Colin Firth literally beats a man unconscious in the street in this "romantic comedy."

6. All appropriate rom com boxes are checked in this film:

Titular character accidentally attends a party dressed in a revealing costume, only to find out it's not a costume party. Titular character tries to be domestic for a hot minute (while cooking her friends dinner) and hilariously fails. Titular character runs down the street in a comical way (wearing underwear in the snow) to chase down her man.

7. This film includes the default rom com playlist of Aretha Franklin's "Respect," Geri Halliwell's "It's Raining Men," and Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman." Lady empowerment jams for days.

8. A lesson we learn from Bridget Jones during her first Hugh Grant hookup: never apologize for your granny panties. Men do not care.

9. Smoking is really bad for you. We can get behind some of the drinking in this movie, but the "ciggie" count is out of control.

10. No matter the year, and no matter the movie... Colin Firth can get it.

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So, happy 15th anniversary to the movie so many have loved.

And happy forever anniversary to our favorite Darcy.

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