2015 Starbucks Holiday Red Cup


2015 was the year of everyone getting offended by literally everything. If we had a Starbucks red cup for each time someone on Twitter got pissed at something stupid; we would have enough cups to construct a therapist's office big enough to treat all of the people who like to flip out over social media. With a new year comes new Twitter drama, and we're waiting eagerly to laugh at it all. Not before we take a trip down memory lane to recount the best Twitter tweak-outs of 2015, however. From pancakes to polar bears, and nearly everything in between, the Internet knows how to make a big deal out of a bunch of BS. Enjoy!

1. Starbucks polar bear cookies. Excuse us while we dig our eyes out from the back of our head. You're about to nibble the head off this thing anyway, so, like, doesn't this design kind of make sense in a way? We kid, we kid. Maybe head on over to the Starbucks red cup therapy center we're crafting and work out those demons if you thought this was anything other than a red scarf. Or just like, get a little bit of a life, potentially. 

2. #WheresRey. In our opinion, this is one of the only things on this list worth getting annoyed over. It appears as though main character and all-around hero of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is mostly missing from Star Wars merchandise in various stores. Sexism —so hot right now. Not. 

3. Pillsbury cookie dough. Believe it or not, Twitter is currently poppin' off about some holiday cookies. We're sure we would be annoyed too, but this is actually funnier than it is rage inducing. Apparently Pillsbury's dough is coming out looking like a bunch of blobs instead of their intended holiday shapes. Did Reese's peanut butter trees secretly make these? 

4. Reese's Trees. Who can forget the great chocolate tree fiasco of Christmas 2015!? Personally, we can't wait to. This drama was so extra; even we got caught up in it

5. Amazon Prime Day. If you'd been waiting all year to get five cents off of a portable VHS tape rewinder, Amazon Prime Day was your time to shine. The rest of us got brutally played as described perfectly by the above tweet. 

6. IHOP's sexist boob joke. In an effort to be the cool mom of breakfast chains, IHOP tweeted some straight foolishness a few months back. A picture of pancakes with the caption "Flat, but has a GREAT personality," hit the Twitterverse and the people were not pleased. Not chic, IHOP. Not chic. 

7. Justin Bieber wears Nirvana shirt to AMA's. Can we just let this poor guy live his truth? The only time it's an insult to wear a Nirvana shirt is if you bought it at Urban Outfitters and sport it in all your Tumblr belfies. Still, we should probably just let those people live their truth too.  

8. Mary Poppins remake. It's just a movie, people. The old one isn't going anywhere. Heck, find your old VHS tape of it and cuddle up to it in bed if that makes you feel better. Twitter's getting too emotional for us. 

9. Jumanji remake. See above remarks. 

10. Jon Snow's death. Are we going to get Twitter hate for saying Game of Thrones is only a TV show and people need to get over it? Should we hire a security team because we just said that out loud? 

11. Twitter switches from stars to hearts. People out there acting like Beyonce just announced a transition into country music. Twitter switched it's tweet "favoriting" button from a star to a heart and for a minute there, the world ended. Jesus, please take all of these people's wheels, and drive us drama-free into the new year. 

What was your favorite Twitter freak out of 2015? Share yours in the comments! 

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