Rita Ora, Glitter Eye, ESC


While New Year's Eve marks new beginnings, it's also basically the last chance to wear festive frocks, shiny tinsel and sequins galore. Sure, you could technically wear glitter makeup any time of year, but there's no better time to shine like Rita Ora and Katy Perry than when that clock strikes 12…that is, if the glitter lasts.

How do you wear such a high-impact look all night long? We tapped celeb makeup artist Suzie Kim for her pro tips.

All Glitter Is Not Created Equal: Despite how easy it looks, don't adhere just any ol' glitter to your face. "The quality of craft glitter and cosmetic glitter is very different," Suzie noted. "Cosmetic glitter doesn't have sharp edges that can cut or irritate skin. Also, the pigments used in cosmetic glitter are non-toxic and usually safe to be worn on the skin."

Prep Is Necessary: To ensure your statement-making eyes last into the wee hours of the morning, you'll need glitter to stick. "I like to use a good mixing medium that will grab the glitter to the lids and also keep it on throughout the day and into night. There are so many great ones out there now, such as Too Faced Glitter Glue, Lime Crime Glitter Helper and Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal Waterproof Liquid Converter," the pro suggested. "I usually apply mascara and/or lashes after the glitter application because the glitter tends to fall onto the lashes and make them look dusty."

Forgo Glitter Fall-Out: "Right before I apply the glitter on the eyes, I take any loose setting powder and apply a generous amount of powder under the lower lashes and down to the cheeks," recommended the makeup maven. "This keeps the area powdery/dusty so that if there is some glitter fall out, I can easily swoop it away with a brush."

Know You Have Option: "Loose glitter can get messy and time consuming, but there are great glitter pencils, liquid glitter liners and even glitter gel makeup that can make the process easier and less intimidating," Suzie said. "Either way, glitter is a fun makeup accessory to brighten up any NYE look!"

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