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Marshmallows everywhere are rejoicing today because Kristen Bell is finally coming to iZombie. Or at least her voice is, but we'll take her any way we can get her. 

Finally might be a strong word, because iZombie's only been on for a season and a half, but ever since the CW's zombie noir series first debuted, an appearance by Veronica Mars herself has just seemed obvious. 

Not only is the show run and written by Rob Thomas and many of the same writers who brought us the quick-witted Veronica from 2004 to 2007, but it's also just a really excellently similar show: snarky girl solves twisted mysteries while having complicated relationships with hot boys. 

Of course, iZombie also has zombies, dangerous drugs, and brain-eating, but they're basically the same show, even featuring the same type of introspective noir voiceover from the main characters. 

That's apparently how Bell will appear in iZombie's Jan. 26 episode, titled "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter." 

Per EW, who originally reported the news with a video by iZombie star Rose McIver, the episode has Liv eating the brain of a young librarian who also happened to be an erotic fiction writer, and Bell will provide narration in some way that is still being kept a surprise. 

Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell

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Bell will not be the first Veronica Mars star to take a trip to zombie-infested Seattle. Ryan Hansen, Percy Daggs II, Daran Norris, Adam Rose, and David Starzyk have all made appearances, as have quite a few jokes from the series. 

One episode had Liv saying, "A long time ago, we used to be friends," in reference to the Veronica Mars theme song, while another episode mentioned Hearst College, which is where Veronica and her friends went to school. 

According to what Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas told us earlier this month, those jokes are only sometimes made on purpose. 

"We had a 'Help me, Zombie Wan Kenobi' line that none of us remembered being in Veronica Mars, but there is a 'Help me, Mars Wan Kenobi' that somehow made it through. So I saw all these tweets like, 'Hey, what a great shout out!' Honestly it was just us screwing up and forgetting we already used that joke."

Hopefully, Kristen Bell's episode will feature a plethora of Mars jokes, whether intentional or not. 

iZombie returns to the CW on Jan. 12 at 9 p.m. 

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