Ashley Benson, New Years Eve


It's time to get real, folks. Real about 2016.

There are but a few short days to kick your, ahem, butt into high gear. That's right, we're talking about New Year's resolutions. They're not an all-out mandate for celebrating the changing calendar, of course, but if you're going to set #goals you may as well go big. (And we know you've been keeping a mental tally of all the bad habits you want to kick come January 1.)

Fitness? Sure. Diet? Sure. Pulling in triple-digit likes on all of your Instagram posts? Triple sure. Whatever upgrade your life needs, there's no better time than now. Your favorite celebrities are even going along for the ride. (In our minds, that is).

See, we got a little tired trying to think of all the things we need to change about ourselves (because the list is long, yo), which is why we turned to the A-listers. Actors and actresses are busy people, so they're never going to turn down free help, even if it is a little awkward taking advice on a New Year's resolution. 

But don't worry, celebs! We're going pretty easy on you this year. Think of these resolutions as teeny, tiny changes that will make everyone happier. (Especially us, if Zac Efron takes us up on our little Shirtless In 2016 idea). Read on for all the (light) suggestions. 

Taraji P. HensonExhibit one Cookie-ism every day of 2016. Begin with all the fur.

Leonardo DiCaprioOnly accept movie roles that won't result in rumors of bear-rape.

Hillary ClintonThree words: Even. Better. Pantsuits.

Gigi Hadid Find an even better celeb hybrid name than GI Joe. It's all about the post-breakup competition, baby.

Sofia VergaraStop Magic Mike 3 from ever happening. Consider this your gift to mankind, Sof.

Sarah Jessica ParkerFinally find forgiveness for Sex and the City 2.

Harry Styles Cut that hair. (Sorry, Directioners).

Nick Jonas Make that gospel choir a permanent part of his act.

Chrissy TeigenCook her way through all of Ina Garten's library—and document every step. Think Julie & Julia only way better.

Matthew McConaugheyDevelop a new catchphrase, because "Alright, alright, alright" really lost steam.

Zac Efron: Take one shirtless picture every day of 2016. It's for the kids.

Drake Take dance lessons.

Dakota JohnsonFinally convince America that she is not actually Anastasia Steele.

Miley CyrusStop adopting animals. Dozens of dogs and a giant pig are enough, right?

Eddie RedmayneWin the Oscar two years in a row. Resolutions are for big goals, right?

Jennifer LawrenceVacation. Remember those, Jen?

Amy SchumerBring that JLaw movie to life. The world is counting on you.

Kanye West Run for President, duh. 

Mariah CareyFinally release the followup to "All I Want for Christmas." 

Tina FeyCurse at least once a day. That whole Sisters vibe was contagious. 

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