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We've probably all been in this situation. It's the holidays and you decide to sit with your family and watch a movie. You pick a film that has great reviews and better yet, it's on Netflix so you don't have to put pants on to go to Redbox or something. Cue it up!

Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, you, your siblings and your little nieces all gather around to bond through the art of film. And then about 40 minutes in, the two main characters start to kiss. And then kiss more. And then some clothes come off and then…


Oh, no.



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It's a sex scene. A steamy, realistic one. With thrusting and panting and moaning. And you have to sit there and watch it with your many family members, both old and young. Your six-year-old niece is crying because she saw the man's naked butt and it was "hairy and scary." Your grandma is awkwardly clearing her throat and clutching those pearls that she just got for Christmas. Your dad is whispering something to your mom that's making her giggle and now you want to die.

This is the worst moment of your life. And why is this sex scene so long?!

Well, thankfully, there's now a website that can help prevent anything like that again. It's called CringeMDB and all you have to is type in a movie title and it will tell you if it's safe to watch with parents, aka no sex scenes, or if you should stay far, far away from it.



2002's Unfaithful, starring Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez? Nope! 2013's Frozen? Yes, that is safe. Don't worry, we checked.

Sure you could Google a movie to see if there's a sex scene, but then you run the risk of reading spoilers and that will just ruin the movie for you. Or you could stick to only PG movies but then you could miss out on some really great R movies that might bond you and your family for life. Just stay away from Showgirls and the like and you'll be fine.



CringeMDB might be the best invention for movie watching since the website Does the Dog Die? If you've never heard of it and you're an animal lover, bookmark it immediately.

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