Home Alone, Daniel Stern

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A Home Alone response and just in the nick of time!

Daniel Stern, who famously played a thief named Marv in the cult classic, has reprised his role on Christmas in order to respond to Macaulay Culkin's recent NSFW clip that saw him return to his Kevin McCallister roots.

The dark, homemade video shows Stern begging for help and telling the camera, "I saw it on the Internet! The kid is coming to get us."

Stern adds that Culkin's character is seeking revenge against him and his Wet Bandit partner, adding, "He's coming for all of the home invaders and he's gonna come get us."

The video comes on the heels of Culkin starring as McCallister once again in the first episode of Jack Dishel's new NSFW digital series :DRYVRS, a show that parodies Uber and Lyft driving experiences.

"I defend...my house from two psychopath home invaders. I was just a kid. I mean, I still have nightmares about like, this bald weirdo dude chasing me around, talking like Yosemite Sam—'I'm gonna pull your fingernails out'...They don't even curse. Call me like, 'Louse' and s--t like that," he is seen telling the camera.

"They remembered my bastard of a brother but they forget me—the cutest f--king 8-year-old in the universe, by far. My house was such a f--king zoo. I couldn't even eat a slice of pizza without having to go to war or something like that."

Looks like the ball is back in your court, McCallister.

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