Glen Powell


The year in TV gave viewers heartaches and headaches, heroes and villains, murder mysteries and so much more. Behind all that were great performances from seasoned veterans and fresh faces. What better way to bid adieu to 2015 TV than to get to know those standout players a little better? Each actor was given the same 10-question questionnaire, designed to get to know the person behind the performance.

We'll be bringing you a new breakout star each day this week, so by the time the year actually ends, you'll have a new appreciation for the performances that rocked you this season. We've already introduced you to Arrow's Echo Kellum and Jessica Jones' Rachael Taylor, and Quantico's Priyanka Chopra, and now it's time to meet Scream Queens' Glen Powell

While Fox's horror comedy was filled with some incredible stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, and Lea Michele, relative newcomer Glen Powell managed to hold his own and crack us up with nearly every word he said. While we had seen him before in movies like The Expendables 3, Powell really shined in Scream Queens. Whether he was causing Emma to pouty cry or attempting to carry on fraternity business despite being the only living member of his fraternity, we fell in love with the casually horrible (but hilariously charming) Chad Radwell. 

We also fell madly in love with Glen, just as you are about to do when you read his somewhat life-changing answers to our questions. You'll also never think of pistachios the same way again. You'll see, and you'll thank us. 

What's the one song that you can count on to help you get into character?

Depending on the role and the scene at hand, my playlist is always different. To plug into Chad Radwell of Scream Queens, I'd blast Lonely Island and James Brown. Both are high-energy, hyper-sexual, and packed with swagger. Just like Chad.

Everybody Wants Some is Richard Linklater's spiritual sequel to Dazed & Confused that comes out this April about a college baseball team in 1980. Linklater knows that music animates and creates a collective rhythm. In the rehearsal process at his ranch, he gave us iPods packed with music of the era - his soundtrack to the movie - for all the guys on the baseball team to listen to everyday. Donna Summer, The Commodores, The Spinners, Pat Benatar, Blondie, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones...if you love music, Everybody Wants Some may have the greatest soundtrack ever assembled. I dare you to sit still.

Glen Powell


Which TV show would you most want to star on if you weren't on yours?

My experience shooting this first season of Scream Queens couldn't have been better, so honestly, I have very little TV show envy. Really, I'm just chomping at the bit to work with Ryan Murphy again. He's writing and running so much good material right now. I don't know if I can imagine someone more prolific working in television who makes an actor's job more fun. Just on season one of Scream Queens I shared a bed with Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas, and a goat named Rammy. So, yeah, work is never boring with Ryan.

What's the craziest fan encounter you've ever had?

A fan wrote me this week saying that his professor is a Scream Queens fanatic. The professor joked in class that if anyone got Chad Radwell to Skype with her, they could get out of their final. So now I have a skype date with a professor in a couple days. It's for a good cause. I remember finals suck.

Who was the last person you called on the phone?

I've been shooting a movie called Sand Castle in the Middle East for the past couple of months. Sometimes shooting on location overseas can get lonely, but the first thing I do every morning and every night is talk to my parents. They are my best friends. And with FaceTime I've gotten to be there for my little sister's concerts, have a virtual seat at Thanksgiving, meet the newest addition to the family (a kangaroo named Roxy), and watch my Aunt Honey teach my sisters and cousins how to brew their own moonshine. We aren't exactly a Hallmark Channel family but I promise, we are way more fun.

What's your favorite word to say out loud?

PISTACHIO. It's syllable heavy. It's fun to say in different accents. Even more fun to say with a lisp. Not to mention, it's the caviar of the nut world. It's a nut that makes you earn its respect. Unpredictable. Sometimes easy to crack open. Sometimes closed off and mysterious. It works as a nut and even more as an ice cream. I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

Scream Queens, Thanksgiving


What's your go-to drink order at a bar?

Being from Austin, I'm a firm supporter of my Texas products. But unbiased, Tito's Vodka, is the best vodka out there. And reinforces my belief that Texans just do it better. If there is no Tito's in stock, I'm a sucker for Fireball whiskey. That is a cinnamon flavored party starter. I dare you to keep me off the dance floor after fireball hits my gullet.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

I've always prided myself on having great taste in women. I was never one to crush on the flavor of the week young'ns. My taste went straight to the top shelf of womankind - Aunt Becky from Full House. She was sophisticated, sweet, smart, queen of her domain, and never took crap from Uncle Jesse and his band buddies or DJs leather jacket-wearing boyfriends. Guess who is definitely watching Fuller House. This guy!

What movie/song/book/TV show can you count on to bring a tear to your eye, no matter what?

So if you want tears, animal movies will get you tears. Especially dog movies. Homeward Bound, Air Bud, and Old Yeller are sure bets. I went with a girl to see Marley & Me. I had a heads up about the ending so I bet her dinner she would cry first. And I lost that bet. Big time. And I didn't cry cute "oh he has feelings" tears. Sobbing, snotty nose, swollen eye tears. So no more dog movie dates.

You're going to spend a year alone on the moon. What three things do you bring with you?

  1. A sexy female astronaut to keep me company.
  2. My CD of Jock Jams Volume 4 so we kick this low gravity party off right.
  3. And lots of Fireball whiskey.

(This list also applies to the three things I would bring to Earth question)

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

No good story starts with things going as planned. Learn from mistakes, but don't be afraid to make them. Fail big. And fail often. Every success story is made up of fearless failings. But I mean, going back in time to tell my younger self to be a failure may not be the best plan, but we will cross that time bridge when we come to it. Maybe I should just tell my younger self to go see Marley & Me alone…where I can sob without judgment.

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