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Courteney Cox and Will Arnett had dinner last night and...

Aaaah, what?! New couple alert?! That's so perfect! She's recently single, he's single, they're both sitcom stars! Aaah!

Or so went the hype after a report popped up that the actors were "all over each other" at The Palm in Beverly Hills—which, firstly, isn't really the spot for a discreet date, what with being a celeb-frequented paparazzi magnet and all.

And sure enough, a source assures E! News that Courteney and Will are "just friends."

But why the instant assumption, commingled with hope, that the two were on a date? Will's been divorced for over a year, and separated long before that, but Courteney just broke off her engagement to Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid this fall. Moreover, this isn't even the first dating rumor to surface in the past week for her!

Why the seeming rush to get Courteney Cox paired off again?

Interestingly, contrary to how empathy (and decency, for that matter) so often goes by the wayside when people are following the trials and tribulations of the celebrity world, the hullabaloo following Courteney's engagement (there was a report a week for the last year about when it would take place and who'd be in attendance) and then her breakup seems to actually be coming from a good place.

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First of all, with Jennifer Aniston having finally married Justin Theroux this summer, there is now an opening in the part of the world's collective soul that was reserved for fretting over a celebrity's love life. Jen is taken care of, so now we're in need of someone else's happily-every-after to fixate on.

Enter stage left: A recently single Courteney Cox. Rachel didn't settle down before Monica, therefore there's a disturbance in the force.

And Friends conundrum continues.

If Courteney were really your friend, you'd totally advise against her rushing into another relationship too soon and plan all sorts of fun, distracting outings while she healed post-breakup.

But because she's the star of one of your favorite shows ever, it's just like you know her, and you have a vested interest in her life turning out wonderfully, outward trappings of relationship success included.

Which brings us to fanciful hookup No. 1: Last week, it was reported that Courteney was sowing her breakup oats with none other than Friends husband Matthew Perry. Yes, Monica and Chandler together in real life.

Could that be more perfect?

Friends Wedding, Courteney Cox, Mathew Perry, TV Weddings


Judging by how That 70's Show fans came out of the woodwork to cheer Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on years after the show ended, the frenzy over the possibility of the Bings coupling in real life was just the made-in-Hollywood miracle people needed this year.

But alas, a source assured E! News it wasn't true.

With that rumor having surfaced out of thin air, with no confirmed sightings or pictures of Matthew and Courteney hanging out recently to go with it, no wonder actual photographs of her and Will Arnett spurred instant speculation!

And there's yet another reason why fans may want Courteney off the market, pronto.

Courteney Cox, David Arquette

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Simply, her ex-husband, David Arquette, is remarried and has a new baby, and wouldn't it be nice if Courteney could find a great guy and settle down again too?

Certainly an old-fashioned sentiment, but perfectly well-intentioned—and definitely what you'd want for one of your best friends.

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