Come together for the best Christmas present yet! The Beatles are finally releasing their music to the masses. 

After decades of international fame, the British band has announced that it will make over 200 of its acclaimed songs available to stream on nine of the Internet's major music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon Prime, according to an announcement on the band's website

At 12:01am local time Thursday, a whopping 13 remastered studio albums—including Yellow Submarine and A Hard Day's Night—as well as four compilation albums will be be available to any users of the platforms.

Getting into the holiday spirit, Pandora, which has offered Beatles tunes for years, offered its congratulations to fellow streaming services.

"As Beatles fans ourselves, it's exciting to see The Beatles' music being made more widely available in digital formats," the online radio site said in a statement obtained by E! News. "Their music has been available on Pandora for our radio listeners for years and continues to be extremely popular. Nearly 19 million stations have been created and listeners have tuned in to more than 3.86 billion songs to date. This is a great opportunity for more listeners to discover their music."

This comes as a surprise departure from the music industry's recent trend against streaming altogether. Taylor Swift famously stripped 1989's tracks from Spotify in 2014 and Adele debuted her record-breaking third album, 25, without listing it on a single streaming device.  

But now you'll be able to blast "Here Comes the Sun" on Christmas Eve when you desperately need to drown out the prying life questions from your Aunt Helen.

As John, Paul, Ringo and George's camp has gleefully wished us, "Happy Crimble with love from us to you."

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