Sorry, Ben Higgins, but something tells us Huey is going to be the breakout star of The Bachelor this season.

Who is Huey, you may be asking? Well, in E! News' exclusive sneak peek from the ABC reality hit's Jan. 4 premiere, you'll meet Huey, who is a mini-horse that one of Ben's contestants brings along with her for her first meeting with the Bachelor.

Talk about making an entrance. "I might as well give you the full-blown picture, right off the bat, of what dating me involves," Maegan tells Ben as she walks about with Huey.

Ben's reaction? You'll have to press play on the exclusive video above to find out how he reacts!

Megan, The Bachelor


So why did Maegan, 30, decide to bring her mini-horse along with her to the Bachelor mansion? Well, that's easy: She's a cowgirl from Texas, and given her answers to some of the questions ABC asked her for her profile, it's not too surprising Huey came along for this ride.

For her dream Saturday night, Maegan said, "Sitting on the back patio with my sister, BBQ'ing and drinking some beers. My mini-horse and chocolate lab always hang with us too." As for one of her favorite movies, Maegan answered, "Secretariat." Obviously. 

A miniature horse isn't the only surprise Ben had in store for him on the first night, as his batch of ladies also included two familiar faces (Becca and Amber from Chris Soules' season) and a set of identical twins. While their arrival initially "threw" him a bit, Ben said, "When I got to sit down with both of these twins, they're just two incredible women; they're just two individuals who I have a lot of respect for. In my eyes, they're two separate women."

The Bachelor returns Monday, Jan. 4 on ABC. 

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